Comparing New Shipping Options: Breaking Down the Benefits

Finding the suitable shipping options for your needs

Due to the ongoing industrial action of the Royal Mail, our deliveries have been affected. Therefore, we wanted to offer you more options for shipping. You can ship with either Woody’s Express Parcels or Evri (formerly MyHermes). Woody’s claims they typically deliver within two days, while Evri usually takes 3-5 days.

highlands and islands surchargeUnfortunately, the prices for both of these services are slightly higher than the average Royal Mail package, with Evri adding an extra surcharge of £2.65 due to our island location.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, we cannot take any responsibility for any delays in delivery once the goods have left our shop.



The Pros and Cons


Pros for Royal Mail: Cheaproyal mail

Cons for Royal Mail: Industrial action, strikes, delays


Pros for Woody’s Express: Reliable, short delivery time, friendly staff

Cons for Woody’s Express: Expensive for small parcels


Pros for Evri: Affordable

Cons for Evri: Long delivery time, added island surcharge

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2 thoughts on “Comparing New Shipping Options: Breaking Down the Benefits

  1. Janet Groves says:

    Thankyou for giving us alternative delivery options. My delivery by Royal Mail still hasn’t arrived. ???

    1. Sabine says:

      Hi Janet,
      I shall send it out again. It is ridiculous what effect it has on all of us. So sorry 🙁

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