Server Problems

Server Problems

There appear to be some server problems with our website. Some people have reported that their order page got unresponsive while placing an order.
I am sorry if you are experiencing this inconvenience.
Rest assured, I am working hard to get the website running as smoothly as possible.

In the meantime, please follow the steps below:

  1. log off from the website
  2. delete your browser cache/history
  3. refresh the page
  4. log in and try again

This usually resolves the problems.

If not, please try later, as the server might be down (just working on that and changing the server as well!!)

If everything fails and you are in a hurry, please send your order in an email.

Everything should be working fine again from 1st December onwards. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for your understanding and patience 🙂

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