Fisherman’s Blend Tea Pyramid Bags

The new tea pyramid bags have arrived!

Oh, how exciting was this when our lovely postman came and brought a huge parcel for us. We knew right away that this could only be the long-awaited tea bags from our very own Fisherman’s Blend.

We opened one of the many bags that are filled with delicious tea pyramids and had a closer look. You can really tell that they were made with decent loose leaf tea and not cheap dusting like normal tea bags.

This, my tea-drinking friends, is the real deal. fisherman tea pyramid bags

I think you don’t like tea bags?

Yes and no. I like the convenience like everyone else, but I dislike the taste of most of them. Especially the oh-so-popular brands (no, I won’t say which, so don’t get me started, haha!).

Usually one can buy these flat paper tea bags. Compared to a tea pyramid bag, however, they lose out. The shape of the tea pyramid bags will give the tea leaves enough space to float and unfold and develop their flavour.

The Fisherman’s Blend is a tea which I really like.

Before I came to live in Scotland I never had tea with milk or sugar. It was mostly black, maybe with a bit of sugar but usually not. But over the years I got accustomed to the usual “Two and a Moo”.

However, if I really want to enjoy a decent cup of high-class tea, there won’t be any milk involved and very often not even sugar. Just like I used to drink my tea.
And this is the great thing about the Fisherman’s Blend. It is such a great tea that I can also drink it without any milk. A wonderful malty Assam together with teas from Ceylon and Sumatra.
Well balanced and highly aromatic.

Fisherman’s Blend tea pyramid bags are a great solution for all who like the taste of a really good leaf tea and the convenience of just popping a bag in the mug without fiddling around with tea balls or strainers.

Where can I get or drink this tea?

The Fisherman’s Blend is available here on the website from the Hebridean Tea Store. If you are visiting Scotland you will also be able to sample the tea at some lovely places like e.g. Cafe Sia on the Isle of Skye or at Amy’s Place, also on the Isle of Skye, or at the Grimsay Coffee & Bakehouse in North Uist.


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