Tea Caddy Blue Garden

Our Tea Caddy Blue Garden is a seamless fusion of navy blue irises and sky blue hydrangeas, creating a captivating symphony of hues that will leave you spellbound.

The graceful presence of songbirds and delicate dragonflies, each adorned in varying shades of blue, further enhances the garden’s irresistible charm. Blue, renowned for its soothing qualities, symbolizes yearning, imagination, and tranquillity.

Embrace the opportunity to liberate your mind from everyday pressures and indulge in unrestricted daydreams. With its authentic and organic aesthetic, this tea tin serves as a magnificent addition to any setting.

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Step into the enchanting garden and witness a miraculous display of blue. Navy blue irises and sky blue hydrangeas adorn the harmonious design, accompanied by delightful songbirds and graceful dragonflies in various shades of blue.

Blue, known for its calming properties, represents longing, dreaming, and harmony in colour theory. Similarly, many nature enthusiasts associate these attributes with their gardens, viewing them as havens for reflection and relaxation.

Adding to the authentic and natural aesthetic, the delicate and vibrant green tones of the decor enhance the overall beauty. Embrace the invitation of this captivating tea tin to escape the pressures of everyday life and let your thoughts wander freely.

Its modern interpretation of a slip lid, coupled with a matte surface finish, creates a unique presentation that complements the design perfectly. Measuring 7.3 x 7.3 x 10 cm, this tin provides ample space to store approximately 100 g of tea and serves as an ideal gift for your loved ones.

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