Oolong Formosa Fine

Grown in Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, Oolong Formosa Fine is a popular type of Oolong tea. Hand-crafted with a special production process, the leaves are first withered under the strong sun and then undergo a process of oxidation before curling and twisting. Oolong tea can vary widely in flavour and aroma, with some varieties having sweet and fruity notes with honey aromas. In contrast, others are woody and thick with roasted aromas, and some are green and fresh with complex aromas. This particular Oolong tea here has roasted notes and is very mild.

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This exquisite Oolong Formosa Fine is made from tea leaves grown on the former island of Formosa, now Taiwan. taiwan tea leaves

The speciality of this type of Oolong tea is its unique production, which includes withering the plant in the sun, letting oxidation take part before curling and twisting, and maybe baking or roasting the leaves. A popular tea in South China, Oolong tea can vary widely in flavour and aroma, from sweet and fruity with notes of honey, to woody and thick with roasted aromas, to green and fresh with complex aromas.

This particular Oolong tea is mild in flavour, with a pleasant roasted note, making it enjoyable for the casual tea drinker or the more experienced tea connoisseur. Its special flavour comes from the combination of perfect horticulture and the production style. Its aroma is bright, earthy and fragrant. The taste is slightly nutty, smooth and mellow, with a lingering aftertaste. With its high degree of oxidation, it’s sure to provide a full-bodied cup of tea.

Formosa Fine is perfect for any tea moment, from the casual morning sip to the leisurely afternoon break. Whether you’re looking for a subtle or intense flavour, this Oolong tea will surely please. Enjoy a cup of authentic Formosa tea and let your mind drift away.

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