Login Problem & Browser Trouble

login problems and browser trouble

Login Problem: you cannot log in to the website, and your browser is giving you a hard time.


Over the last few weeks, several users complained about a login problem when trying to access their account. We tried to be as helpful as possible, usually successfully.

However, there are still situations where we are unable to find a solution.

Microsoft had run several updates not too long ago, and other companies like Google followed suit so that their browsers would be compatible. It seems it did not all go according to plan.
I have used Chrome for the last two years, I think, and recently, it was driving me up the wall.

So, I have changed to the latest Firefox version. And lo and behold, it is running smoothly and very fast. I no longer sit there, staring at the screen and the rotating wheel of doom or other error messages telling me that the browser is not responding (… you don’t say…)


I don’t go so far as to tell you which browser to use and which not! This is, of course, entirely up to you.

If you are experiencing a login problem and cannot access your account, follow these easy steps, which usually do the trick:

  1. empty your browser cache
  2. close your browser
  3. open the browser
  4. got to the website
  5. refresh the page
  6. try to log in

if this does not work, try to access it from a different browser.

If everything fails, please get in touch, and I shall send you a new password for your account.

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