Fisherman’s Blend

Experience Fisherman?s Blend, also known as Hebridean Coastal Blend, an aromatic, blended black tea.

Good with milk and sugar, it offers a well-balanced flavour. Our blend is made from broken tea from Assam, Ceylon and Sumatra and is also available as teabags, exclusively produced for the Hebridean Tea Store.

Enjoy a hot cup of our famous blend and explore the wonders of the Hebridean Coast.

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Fisherman’s Blend – one of our best sellers


This blend is a unique and aromatic blend of broken tea. It is also known as Hebridean Coastal Blend and is a well-balanced mix of Assam, Ceylon and Sumatra teas.

It is best enjoyed with a splash of milk and a spoonful of sugar but tastes fantastic.

The Assam has a full-bodied character with a hint of malty sweetness. The Ceylon adds a floral aroma and a light, crisp taste.

The Sumatra gives this blend a smooth, mildly sweet finish. This combination creates a distinct and delicious flavour that cannot be found in any other tea.

Our popular blend is available in both loose-leaf and teabag options. The loose-leaf tea steeps a full-bodied cup full of character and flavour, while the teabags, filled with the same loose-leaf tea, make a convenient and enjoyable cup of tea.

Try the Hebridean Coastal Blend today and experience a great cup of tea. Enjoy a cup of this well-balanced blend for a delicious and refreshing cup of tea.

Although this tea is anything but ordinary, most people like it if they ask for an “ordinary cup of tea” or “just a black tea” at our shop. And then they come back for more :-)


If you like this tea, we recommend our Scottish Afternoon tea Feasgar Math, another fine Assam blend.



black tea, broken, from Assam, Sri Lanka and Sumatra

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India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra





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