Drip Filter for Tea or Coffee

Brew the perfect cuppa with our Drip Filter for Tea or Coffee—no more hassle using separate filters or strainers. Just unfold the tabs, hang them over your mug, and fill them with your favourite blend. The hanging tabs provide stability while you pour hot water. Compatible with mugs and cups up to 11 cm in diameter. Enjoy a convenient and mess-free brewing experience every time.

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Drip Filter for Tea or Coffee with Hanging Ears


Are you looking to upgrade your tea or coffee brewing experience? These convenient non-woven filters are designed to make it easy for you to brew your favourite beverages directly in your cup or mug. No need for separate tea infusers or coffee machines – unfold the hanging tabs, hang the filter over the rim of your drinking vessel, and you’re ready to go!drip filter

Brewing your favourite tea is a breeze with our Drip Filter. Just fill the filter with your preferred tea leaves and pour hot or boiling water over it. The hanging tabs not only provide stability but also ensure a comfortable brewing process. No more struggling with loose tea leaves or messy teabags – our Drip Filter simplifies the whole process.

Not only is our Drip Filter convenient, but it’s also compatible with a wide range of mugs and cups. It’s designed to fit mugs and cups with a maximum diameter of 11 cm, making it versatile for different sizes and styles of drinkware. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or enjoying an afternoon tea, our Drip Filter is the perfect accessory.

Upgrade your tea or coffee brewing routine with our Drip Filter for Tea or Coffee. Its convenience, ease of use, and compatibility with various drinkware make it a must-have for any tea or coffee lover. Say goodbye to messy tea infusers and hello to effortless brewing. Order yours today and start enjoying the perfect cup of tea or coffee every time.

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