Delicious Green Jasmine Tea Pyramid Bags

Experience the gentle flavour of Green Jasmine Tea Pyramid Bags.

This pack contains 15 pyramid tea bags in a folded box. Made with only two ingredients, green tea and jasmine blossoms (1%), this tea will give you a delicate jasmine flavour that will surely delight your taste buds.

Enjoy a cup of Green Jasmine Tea today!

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Our Green Jasmine Tea Pyramid Bags evoke the comforting taste of delicate jasmine with every sip.

Blending green tea flavours with every sip, our pyramid bags offer a superior infusion experience. The tea leaves are carefully harvested and combined with jasmine blossoms, creating a fantastic flavour to please the senses.

These pyramid bags come in a recyclable cardboard box containing 15 individually folded pieces to create a unique shape that promotes even and full infusion. Simply place one of these teabags in your favourite tea cup or several in a teapot, add hot water and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy your cup of tender jasmine-infused green tea and relax.

Our Green Jasmine Tea Pyramid bags are perfect for enjoying a cup of tea on a quiet evening or in the morning to kick-start your day with a delightful flavour. Not only do they provide a great taste, but these teabags are also a convenient and mess-free way of brewing your favourite cup of tea.


Please note: some of the boxes have been very slightly damaged in transport. This does, of course, not affect the tea at all!

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