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Colombia Swiss Water Decaf – Bulk Buy

Caffeine is a natural substance, which you can find in a lot of different plants but it is mostly associated with the coffee plant. It acts invigorating and is, therefore, simply not suitable anyone at any given time. This does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee as decaffeinated coffee was developed especially for those people who are not allowed to consume caffeine or those who do not wish the invigorating effect of the caffeine.

There are several chemical processes to take the caffeine out of the coffee which we strictly reject. Our decaffeinated coffee follows exclusively the natural “Swiss Water Process”. In this method are no chemicals involved, only pure water. The result is a delicious coffee with full flavour and aroma which still has the original character of the coffee.

Character and Taste:4
If you believe that decaffeinated coffee is something dull, tasteless and boring you will be in for a big surprise. Our coffee still contains an expressive aroma, a voluptuous taste and is one of the best tasting decaffeinated coffees you can get on the market.


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You will receive a 1 kg bag of whole beans.

If you wish to purchase higher quantities, please get in touch as we would need to order it in for you. Thank you.

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