Coffee Measuring Spoon

Coffee measuring spoon, stainless steel

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If you are new to drinking “real” coffee you might be unsure on how much of the grounded coffee beans you would need. Start using a coffee  measuring spoon to measure the amount  of grounded coffee you need to make a good cup of coffee.

As a basis rule you will need one scoop per cup. Some people like their coffee strong, others prefer it less strong. You might need to try it out for yourself until you know if you will need a flat or a heaped coffee measuring spoon full of grounded coffee or less..

This handy coffee  measuring spoon of stainless steel will give you the right amount as teaspoons can a quite inaccurate measure.

The measuring spoon can be easily cleaned when necessary because the stainless steel spoon can also be put in a dishwasher if required.

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