Blue Lady – Earl Grey Blend

Enjoy an exceptional cup of tea with the Blue Lady Earl Grey blend. Also known as Blue Flower Earl Grey, this fragrant and eye-catching tea has blue mallow flowers blended in with the classic bergamot, giving it a unique citrus taste. Experience a cup of exceptional quality and flavor with this blend.

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Blue Lady – An Earl Grey tea variety

This eye-catching Earl Grey variation is the perfect way to add a refreshing citrus flavour to your day.

This tea offers a natural citrus flavour with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Our suppliers blended this tea with blue mallow flowers and fragrant bergamot. Its sweet-smelling aroma and the bright blue colour of the mallow blossoms make it an attractive addition to any tea collection.

The ingredients in Blue Lady are carefully selected to create a unique and refreshing tea experience. The combination of these flavours results in a cup of tea that is both sweet and aromatic.

This tea is perfect for those looking for a unique flavour experience. Enjoy a cup of  Blue Lady for a refreshing and invigorating start to your day.

We can’t mention the popular tea name with the Lady here for copyright reasons ;-)
Very tasty and refreshing. You might know this blend also under the name Earl Grey Blue Flower.


If you like this kind of tea, we can also recommend Lady Star Deluxe, Earl Grey Marquis de Gris and Earl Grey. Hot!



Black teas from China and Ceylon, mallow blossoms, natural flavouring type bergamot and other natural flavourings.

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China, Germany, Sri Lanka







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1 review for Blue Lady – Earl Grey Blend

  1. Verified owner Simon Frith (verified owner)

    Nice pick me up without being overtly strong. The flavours are all there but take a moment to register, which makes it nice to take a minute over.

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