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Genmaicha is a type of Japanese green tea made by combining roasted brown rice (genmai) with green tea (cha) leaves. This combination gives the tea a unique, nutty flavour and a toasty aroma. The puffed rice in Genmaicha adds a light and crunchy texture to the tea. This tea is popular in Japan and abroad for its distinctive taste and pleasant balance of flavours.

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Japan Genmaicha – high-quality BIO* Sencha tea with popped rice

Genmaicha is a unique blend of green tea leaves and roasted rice, which gives it a distinctive nutty flavour and aroma. It is commonly enjoyed in Japan and has gained popularity worldwide.

To ensure the highest quality and authenticity, many Genmaicha teas are imported as certified organic. This means that the tea leaves and rice used in the blend are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The certification ensures that the product meets strict organic farming standards and is free from any harmful additives.teahouse in japan

This tea variation is a popular choice among green tea enthusiasts who enjoy its smooth and toasty flavour profile. The combination of the nutty taste from the roasted rice and the vegetal notes from the green tea creates a well-balanced and refreshing cup of tea.

To prepare, simply steep the tea leaves in hot water (around 175°F or 80°C) for about 2-3 minutes. The ratio of tea to water can vary depending on personal preference. Some people prefer a stronger tea flavour and might use more tea leaves, while others might prefer a milder taste and use less.

Overall, Japanese Genmaicha offers a unique and flavourful tea experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying.


*imported as EU-certified organic

organic tea



Green tea* (50%), roasted rice*, puffed rice*, *from organic cultivation


1 tsp per cup, 4-5 per litre

75-90°C hot water

steep for 2.3 minutes

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