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Apple Cider

Sip the essence of autumn with our Apple Cider Fruit Infusion.

Crafted from freshly harvested apples, this delightful beverage captures the enchanting atmosphere of the season. Feel the warmth of golden sun rays and the gentle mist as you savour the subtle essence of autumnal spices. Steaming hot and comforting, our Apple Cider Infusion is perfect for those who want to embrace the season without donning winter jackets just yet. Indulge in the taste of fall with each sip.

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Juicy apple cider tea with a few spices

As the autumn season arrives, it brings forth the enchanting sight of golden sun rays, accompanied by a gentle veil of mist adorning the fields and forests apple cider pressin the early mornings. The leaves gracefully descend from the trees, creating a picturesque atmosphere. Amidst this changing scenery, the time for apple harvesting arrives, granting us the opportunity to savour the first taste of cider or – in this case – apple cider tea. This delightful beverage, resembling freshly squeezed apple wine, carries a subtle essence of autumnal spices. Served steaming hot, it becomes an ideal choice for those who haven’t quite embraced the need for winter jackets yet.



Apple pieces, cinnamon rods, hibiscus blossoms, apple slices, sliced almonds, rose hip peel, elderberries, currants, whole star aniseed, natural flavouring, and cinnamon pieces.

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